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Is your website ready for IE7?

Written by  L. Streete
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Is your website ready for the soon to be released Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7)?

This will be the big question for alot of websites over the coming months...

With the iminent release of IE7 alot of websites will experience problems in how they are displayed. The Cascading style sheets (CSS) used and hacked in websites to achieve good layouts in IE6 and below, will no longer work for IE7.

There have been many new features that have been added to IE7 to make it appear and feel asthetically better but its the changes under the skin which most website owners and developers will be more concerned with.

Bug fixes in IE7 offers websites more features, which is a good if your website has been limited by IE6 in the past. Greater efficiency in loading javascript has been achieved as well as improvements in increasing the number of working CSS elements which can now be called upon.

How will webmasters filter CSS for IE7?

In your HTML you will need to use the following;


The conclusion to this article is that your website will need to be ready for IE7 whether you use it or not. As it is released the number of IE7 accesses to your website will increase as the number of IE6 accesses decrease. So if you website isnt prepared the number of users to your website could drop or worse still you may lose money from falling user accesses.
  • So are you ready for IE7?
  • Is your website ready for IE7?
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Author: Leon Streete BSc
LAS Design Director and Principal Consultant.
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