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Online Shopping at Christmas £100 million and going stronger than ever !

Written by  L. Streete
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Again ecommerce bucks the trend of doom and gloom of the resession. If theres one thing we always advise clients at LAS Design is that if you have a company that you can either sell your products online or increase enquiries or leads through having a professional website, then really you shoud have been online yesterday or updated your website with all the features you will need to get the most out of your website online! Yesterday the BBC released another article confirming what we already see with our clients who trade online. The figures are still good and are on the up at Christmas 2008.

With more than 5 million peopple exected to use the internet to shop during Christmas with more than £100 million expected in sales on Christmas day itself, compared to £84 million last year, 2007. More shoppers online at Christmas, If ever there was a sign of having a website to sell or trade online now would be that time. The figure of 5 million people who are expected to to use the intenet for shopping is in actual fact more than the 4.5 million people expected through the doors of churches and religious institutions on Christmas day, the birth of Jesus Christ.

To be honest the numbers are mind blowing and this also shows a change in both society and how we use the internet more and more for buying online.

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