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Traditional Website Vs CMS Website

Written by  L. Streete
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The differences are almost unnoticeable when looking at a traditional website and a CMS (Content Management System) website side by side, except that the CMS website will have fresher and more up to date content. The real differences lie under the bonnet, in how the sites are updated and accessed by you.

A simple traditional website is created by an external designer and uploaded to a web host. Updates must be made by someone skilled in HTML and with access to the web host, which can be complex and may only be done by your third web developer. This can both be costly and time consuming; resulting in rarely updated pages and outdated content.

A dynamic CMS (Content Management System) website can be updated easily by anyone through a word processor style online administration panel, regardless of whether they have any web editing skills. Content can be added and edited without difficulty and multimedia features including images and video can be added when and wherever they are needed. A CMS website can grow with your business and keep your customers updated whilst being cost and time effective.

I think it's quite obvious who the winner is here...

Let me know your views on CMS websites by leaving a comment below.

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