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Thursday, 09 October 2008 23:10

Beating the credit crunch online...

Written by  L. Streete
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With more talk of markets worsening, and the UK government talking about pumping up to £500 billion into the economy to bail out banks and other related institutions times seem pretty dier. What will come next or better yet what's going to happen if after all these bailouts, things continue to go downwards?!?

Im not sure about you but where ever theres bad news theres always some good and where ever there seems to be no hope theres opportunity. Its on this note I want to focus your thoughts to making the most out of your website online in these financially worrying times.

How do you make money or increase your turn over in these economic times where the immediate future seems bleak?

Can your website some-how be turned into a money spinning idea and reverse the negativity that apears to be hitting the headlines?

Well in short, "Yes you can".

Like any good business venture you have to invest whether that's in the people, the process or the materials to help both. So as you may expect Its the same online. To make your website do more for you, you need to invest in transforming your website into something that gives people not only a pleasant introduction into you or your business, but into something that generates leads, enquiries and ultimately sales!

How can you do this..? Simple, review what you have and set about improving it.

  • Tackle your websites design, is it giving the right impression, is it actually making people want to buy from you?
  • Does your website offer the kind of facilities that most web users have come to expect as standard?
  • Does your website rank well on search engines, so is it easy for people to find you?
  • Are you analysing your visitor stats at minimum monthly, looking at the areas of your website that users are accessing and how long they staying online for?
  • And finally are you promoting your website in all the possible areas you can think of? Dont forget if your business is not soley reliant on visitors away from your locality are you promoting your website offline to encourage your offline user base?

A good approach to understanding a website is to realise that a website is not a static extension to your business nor should it be left to sit there over time, if you truely wish to reap the full rewards that you can online. Your website should evolve and grow like the rest of your business should. Continual analysis and working out ways to move forward with technology and users expectations will keep you on a good footing.

Its with all of this in mind you can really start to grasp the opportunity that lies out there in the online world. If you wish to put some action into improving what your website is doing online we would be happy to discuss how we can help you at LAS Design.

I'm keen to know where your thoughts lie on this matter? Are you optimistic about the future with your website helping your business to pull through these times?

Or may be you're not even concerned and happy to ride it out?

Leave a comment..!

L. Streete

L. Streete

Website: www.leonstreete.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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