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Blog: Our New website!

Written by  L. Streete
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Finally... we have launched our new website for LAS Design.
We've spent time looking at ways to improve the information we provide to our existing and new clients, so we hope you like the new design and layout.

To make it easier to read the text on the website click on the "My Toolbar" link to the top right of your page this will open up the toolbar where you can click on " A ↓ " link to decrease text size or the " A ↑ " to increase text size and the " Reset " to reset the text size.

You will find sections and pages specific to the services and products we offer. Each section offers an introduction so you can first become familiar with the service and then the proceeding pages describe our products and the packages we offer.

There are further information pages, which you find in our information menu to the left of your page. This menu helps to provide quick and easy access to our testimonials, free downloads, terms and more.

Over the coming months we will continue to update the content on our website to offer you a more informed web site, for finding out about web site development, CMS, ecommerce, SEO and much more.

Thank you,
Leon Streete
LAS Design.
L. Streete

L. Streete

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