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How A Third Party Can Remove Your Site From Google

Written by  L. Streete
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It has emerged over the past weeks in waves of blogs that there could be a vunerability within Google and Many other Search Engines, which could allow someone to remove your website from Google using a technique called proxy hacking.

How the hack is done
A spider or bot (online apllication), sent out by search engines reads your web site and its pages.
  1. The original page exists in at least some of the data centers.
  2. A copy (proxy) gets indexed in one data center, and that gets syncronised across to the others.
  3. A spider visits the original, checks to see if the content is duplicate, and erroneously decides that it is.
  4. The original is dropped or penalized.

How to tell if youve been hacked.
The simplest test, if you are experiencing a problem, is to examine Google search results for a phrase (search term in quotes) that should be unique to your page. For example, if your home page says "Fred's Widget Factory sells the best down-home widgets on Earth" then you can search for that phrase.

You want to use a phrase (or combination of phrases) that should only appear on your page, and nowhere else on the web… or very few places at least. Then you do the search - if there's more than one result (your page), then you need to examine the other URLs that are listed. If some of them are delivering an exact copy of the page, you just may be dealing with a proxy that has hijacked your content.

A typical proxy (web site copy) link looks something like this:
It's easy to see what URL that would fetch, if some-website.com were a real proxy. Other proxy URLs encode the target URL so it's not always that easy to determine what they're going to fetch just by looking.

For further information read more about Google Proxy Hacking by Dan Thies.
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