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Wednesday, 12 November 2008 22:00

How to exchange links with another website

Written by  L. Streete
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To help with your online marketing it's key when embarking on a Search Engine Optimisation program to exchange links between websites. A link from one website, A, to another website, B, is almost like a vote in the eyes of search engines.

So you might also start to think "well if thats the case im going to get as many links to my website as possible, because hey thats how presidents and prime minsters win elections, right..?"

Well with exchanging links online this is slightly different. One rule to remember before you setout on your quest to get hundreads of links, remember quality is better than quantity. For example if you were offered a link exchange from BBC.co.uk or 888.com. You would take the BBC link right? Well the not so obvious answer here is yes i would take the BBC link and run. The reason why you would do this is because the BBC website is a huge website filled with a wealth of pages that spans over a decade. Search Engines have been scanning the BBC website for years and many people have been linking to articles on their website for years and because of this the BBC website ranks very highly and holds a lot of weight with Search Engines.

One particular method of ranking websites is Googles, "Page Rank ™". With Page Rank Google ranks each website stored within its database from 0 - 10. So how do i go about viewing BBC's page rank or better yet my own websites rank? Simple you download and install Google's toolbar and enable the page rank feature, which allows you to view any websites page rank. To get the toolbar you can download it here: http://toolbar.google.com/

So now you've installed Google Toolbar or used an online resource like PR Checker to see how Google ranks a potential website you wish to exchange links with, you're now almost equipped to get going. A few good points to bear in mind at this point. What if a website has a page rank 10 then that great but will they be likely to exchange links with your website if you're not ranking so high? The probable answer is no but hey theres no harm in trying. So i should discount all page rank 0 and 1 websites right? Wrong. If you'e linking to a website that has only recently launche then may be their page rank is low now but in a few months time thre is a big chance this could increase. So if you exchange links now may be in three months time that low page rank website now ranks at 4 or 5 and you will benefit from that change.


Exchanging the actual links:

  1. First Get the web address (URL) of the company / website or web page, you wish to exchange links with.
  2. Find the company email address so you can contact them later on.
  3. Place the link onto your links page, this may be similar to ours: http://www.lasdesign.net/Links/index.html
  4. Now create your email with instructions to exchange links and send to the email address you got at point 2 of this list.
    • Email Subject (Pay a compliment): Your Website is fanatastic.
    • Create the email Content:
Hi (If you know the contact name put it here!),
I have been on your website and found the content and what you have to say great. It's obvious you have put great effort into it. I wish to exchange links with your website as this will be mutally beneficial for both our websites for achieveing good rankings with Search Engines (E.g. Google).

I have already placed your link here: (Put the web address of your own links page here)
My Link details for you to place on your links page are:

Title: (Put your website Name OR Your Product Name OR A Key Phrase)
URL: (Your website address OR The page you wish to link to on your website)
Description: Short description of the page they will be linking to.

Please reply to this email to confirm when you have added my link on your web page.
Thank you.
(Put your name here)

By performing the instructions above it is very likely you will be exchanging more links, which will benefit your website in terms of better search engine rankings. The better your rankings the more opportunity you have to gain new customers who are searching for your products and services!
Good Luck and happy link building.

Last modified on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 23:52
L. Streete

L. Streete

Website: www.leonstreete.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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