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Is A Website Right For You?

Written by  L. Streete
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On many occassions we come across clients who want to find out more about setting up a website, both for individuals and company's. With both groups there is normally one unifying question weighing on their minds...

Is setting up a website right for me?

There are many reasons why this question is raised;
  • Is the investment right for my situation or company?
  • Will I see a return on my investment (ROI)?
  • Will setting up a website for my business actually help or hinder me?
  • Im not sure that i can justify the initial investment?
  • May be i should wait another 6 - 12 months and see what happens in my industry.
  • My competitors dont have a website so i dont think i need one.
  • the list can go on for almost ever...

So to help answer some of these concerns and questions read on through this article.

Reasons for a new website

In deciding to setup a new website there are many reasons for the idea. With a new website you would offer a new route for your clients to find out about your company. If you dont have much of an advertising budget a website can help to offer a continued online presence for any advertising campaigns you wish to push and if you have products or services to sell you could open up a new income stream through selling online through a new ecommerce website.

It is very easy to reel off the benefits of the arguments for a new website, "and all of these are genuine", but the real reasons for the idea and what matters most to our clients is the money value., "how much will this new website cost me and is the spend worth it?"

Reasons against a new website

When deciding to setup a new website there will always be reasons against the idea, these include; The initial upfront cost of designing and developing a new website, can my company actually afford it?, will the new website actually help increase my sales or convert users into paying customers?


Can you afford not to have a website..?

L. Streete

L. Streete

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