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Monday, 02 March 2009 15:00

Why is a Corporate Identity important?

By creating a refreshing and powerful business identity for your company, you will acheive a brand. Having a unique brand makes you stand out from your competitors, captures the heart and minds of your customers and reflects a professional and consistent image.


Typical Setup

LAS Design offer a range of corporate identity design services, whether you require a new corporate image created from scratch or if if you would like to update your existing branding;

  • Logo Design - New design or amendments
  • Business Cards
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Marketing Material - Flyers, Leaflets, Postcards
  • Brand Usage Guidelines

We work with you to acheive a fresh, modern branding image exactly how you want it. Our process includes investigating and confirming colours, images, graphics and fonts, strap lines and catch phrases and providing you with designs of what will work for you.

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Branding Tips

To have a successful brand, there are things you should consider, such as;
  • Be honest; promote what your company is all about and believe in it. If you believe it, your customers will believe it.
  • Focus on what your business achieves for its customers.
  • Focus on a small amount of key brand values for your business
  • Be consistent: be distinct but have a repetition across your marketing materials and business.
  • Your domain name should be your brand - include it on all your marketing materials, e.g. flyers, postcards, newsletters.
  • Have a GOOD logo: a good logo is one that is unique, simple and colour effective.


Terms & conditions summary:

  • All websites are delivered in electronic form either directly to web hosting space or via email. A digital copy of your website may be provided, an administration charge of £15+vat will be applied.
  • LAS Design will require an initial payment for web services (approximately 30% of total cost) deposit to be paid prior to commencement of work on account of fees likely to be incurred.
  • LAS Design uses third party organisations for web site hosting. This is to ensure that the client receives the best possible hosting package at a reasonable cost. Bandwidth allowances are included in hosting, any excess charges relating to the amount of traffic generated by clients websites are fully payable by the client. No guarantees of service can be made by LAS Design on behalf of the host.
  • All completed websites become the property of the client, subject to all accounts being paid.
  • All data and information stored in an online database remains the property of the client along with any rights associated.

Payment summary:

  • Projects under £1000 are normally split into 2 payments. 50% deposit and the remaining 50% on completion.
  • Projects above £1000 are normally split into 3 payments. 33% deposit, 33% completed milestone and the remaining 34% on completion.
  • Longer payment terms on a monthly payment scheme can be arranged where necessary.

Full Payment information and terms can be found here

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