Ecommerce Case Study: Huckleberrys Menswears Print


Having been selling a variety of fashion items through their local store, Huckleberry’s Menswear wanted to focus on what an online service could provide for their customers and for themselves. The answer was an e-commerce website which would enable Huckleberry’s Menswear to sell their items online, and attract a wider range of customers – geographically.


An e-commerce website, e.g. a site which would allow Huckleberry’s Menswear to carry out business transactions online, and provide a shopping cart for their customers, was required. The site needed to be secure and easy to use for beginner and advanced users.


Following the implementation of our e-commerce Business Package, Huckleberry’s Menswear would have a fully functional e-commerce site which enabled them to advertise and sell their products. The website would allow them to update their products, prices and information regularly if required.

Payments can be automated through a payment service processor such as "Paypal" or "World Pay" and this would provide Huckleberry’s Menswear with another route for income.

To maximise the effectiveness of the website further, our SEO Exposure Package would be added to provide the business with top rankings in all major search engines for key phrases “Lambretta Clothing” and others.


Huckleberry’s Menswear is now a leading online provider for the brands and products they sell. They have gained a very loyal customer base, with over 1000 registered customers online.

Sales have increased by 400%, which prove our E-Commerce and SEO techniques work.