SEO Case Study: DJR Marketing Print


DJR Marketing asked a question that many online website providers ask, “How can I increase the search engine ranking for my business?” DJR Marketing wanted to use its website to attract customers both locally and nationally.

The challenge was to list and achieve top ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live, so the site would get more visitors. How would this be possible?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) would be used to increase the visibility of DJR Marketing and enhance the chances of the website being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken.


Following the implementation of our SEO Exposure Package, the website would result in a global change which would increase the ranking enormously for the website for a large number of topics and key phrases. In addition, the utilisation of optimised Title, Description and Heading tags and improved body content would put DJR Marketing into the top 10 results for a large proportion of terms the business consider to be of importance.


3 months after being briefed and after having followed our SEO advice, DJR Marketing was experiencing a substantial increase in search engine results ranking on Google, Yahoo and Live, ranking number one under ‘telemarketing Wolverhampton’ and ranked second under ‘telemarketing West Midlands’.

Through LAS Design, DJR Marketing has experienced a rise in phone calls, more e-mails, more new customers and more profits.