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SEO Case Study: Huckleberrys Menswear PDF Print E-mail


After setting up their first website in 2005 Huckleberry's Menswear wanted to increase their visibility in all the major search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Live), in order to Convert online users in to buyers.

The website offered all of the features you would expect with an e-commerce website but lacked the facilities needed into order to become a search engine optimised website. The problem with the existing website was that there were key Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features missing.



The approach that was needed to increase the visibility of Huckleberry's Menswear on search engines involved a number of proven techniques. SEO recommendations for programming code as well as suggested changes to the Page Title, Meta Tags, Heading, ALT and Title tags were provided in order of priority. Internal and external linking also provided a major opportunity for link exchanges and Marketing.


In the past, good ranking among the spider-based search engines like Google meant simple updates to Meta Tags. Now, in their 3rd generation, these search engines have de-emphasised Meta Tags in favour of analysing visible and actual content to establish a website’s theme and off-page factors like links from other websites to support that theme.

Following the Organic SEO review process, our SEO services were recommended, which included a global change to internal links to increase the ranking enormously for the Huckleberrys Menswear web site for a large number of topics and key phrases. In addition, the utilisation of optimised Title, Description and Heading tags and improved body content would put Huckleberry's into the top 10 results for a large proportion of the terms Huckleberry's Menswear consider to be of importance. The Results were very impressive.


The SEO Results – 3 months after being briefed and after having followed our SEO advice, Huckleberry's Menswear was experiencing a sustainable increase in search engine results ranking on Google, Yahoo and Live for the key search term “Lambretta Clothing” and others.

9 months on, continuing with our advice and evolving with the changes in technology Huckleberry's Menswear is now the online market leader for online "Lambretta Clothing" sales and other important key phrases which have come about naturally through the SEO work carried out.

Sales have increased by 400% which proves our SEO solutions work.


Sample statistics include:

  • Google – rank for "Lambretta Clothing" rises from 0 to No. 2 out of 906, 000 website competitors
  • Yahoo – rank for "Lambretta Clothing" rises from 0 to No. 3 out of 372, 000 website competitors
  • Live (MSN) – rank for "Lambretta Clothing" rises from 0 to No. 3 out of 33, 259 website competitors
  • Ask Jeeves – rank for "Lambretta Clothing" rises from 0 to No. 4 out of 32, 700 website competitors
See the evidence for yourself, click on a thumbnail image for an enlarged picture :
Google Yahoo Live
Google Results Yahoo Results Live(MSN) Results

(Measurements taken on 8th July 2006 and 8th July 2007)

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