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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the term associated with optimising a website so as to allow it to achieve maximum coverage by search engines (E.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing) on the internet. There are many methods that can be put in place in order to optimise a website, these include correct html mark-up (structure), creating good content on your pages, 2 way links from and too other websites plus much more.

Our Solutions


We start with research on Key Words that deliver you more traffic, we focus on how to beat your competitors, and then we create the strategy of how to deliver your successful SEO campaign as a monthly strategy.

Don't leave your website's search engine position to chance. Our services put your search engine rankings in your control, with advanced submission and optimisation tools. SEO links that include industry related content with white hat techniques. Drive traffic, increase sales and beat your competitors with our advance service.

We offer a monthly service which includes, monthly work reports, 90 day review meetings to review ranking results - looking ahead to the next 90 days and working an Online Marketing strategy that hugely benefits your website online:
  • Content and key phrase consultation
  • Competitors SEO analysis and comparison
  • Meta Tag Consultation
  • Alt Tag Consultation

How to increase your customer base now!

If you're looking to drive traffic to your site or your website is brand new, an SEO campaign can give you long term boosts in targeted traffic. The beauty with SEO is that you can focus locally in the UK or World wide, and target on a niche market to ensure you're focusing on Key Phrases that will drive traffic to your website or specific landing pages.

The aim of the game is to increase traffic numbers so that you can focus on your conversion rate how many people get in touch, buy more or come back to your website to transact with you at a later date. Thus increasing the effectiveness of your Online Marketing investment.

Search Engine Optimisation methods include onsite SEO preparation of your website ensuring it is geared up to attract search engines for your chosen key phrases. SEO fits perfectly with other Online Marketing strategies like PPC, SMM and Email marketing, which ensures you're Marketing Online, reaches all of your possible target audience. 

How would adding more customers to your business online impact you?
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SEO Guaranteeguarantee-money-back

We will get your web site onto page one of Google Search Engine Results Pages within 6 months for some or all of your search terms or we will refund your full payment.

Now how's that for a guarantee? No fine print. No clauses. Just a solid commitment to do our BEST for you.

How the 100% money back SEO guarantee works

We start by checking out how strong the competition is for your keywords. In other words, is getting you onto the front page of Google even possible? We use our experience and the research we gather to make an informed jugement about whether we can out perform the competition on page one for you.

If we don't think we can get you there, we wont even take your money in the first place.

Here's how it works:
  1. You contact us Call now on 01902 213326
  2. We agree on a list of search terms (also known as keywords or keyphrases)
  3. You hire us
  4. We promote your site and your keywords
  5. You get onto page 1 of Google for some or all of your search terms
  6. Except if that doesn't happen in 6 months, you get a full refund. That's how our SEO guarantee works.

So what are you waiting for? Call now on 01902 213326