Dudley Council Tourism Print
Dudley Council appointed LAS Design UK Ltd to undertake an upgrade to a B&B website whose business was going through a quiet period. The consultant met with the client and ascertained the information that was needed to improve the current website making sure that the clients wishes were met.

The quality and standard of the work undertaken by LAS Design UK Ltd on the B&B website surpassed our expectations.  A brand new website was created with new images and now the website has a modern, fresh look that is far more appealing than before. The consultant again met with the client and Dudley Council to explain the changes to the website to ensure both parties were happy with the end result. This should increase the number of visits to the website and hopfully the B&B business will start to pick up too.  Dudley Council and the client are extremely happy with the value for money, standard of work and professionalism undertaken by LAS Design UK Ltd and would have no hesitation in recommending them in the future.

Nicola Havers
Tourism Assistant
Dudley Council