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Le Monde Menswear

Le Monde Menswear is a designer menswear fashion store with two stores in Wolverhampton. Providing a range of clothing items, from Fred Perry to Lyle and Scott Vintage to Hugo Boss jeans tin their shops, they decided to move their vision of growing their business forward by having an online shop.

An ecommerce website would allow Le Monde Menswear to carry out business transactions online and provide a shopping cart for their customers. A stylish and modern design was required which went inline with their existing branding. A system was implemented that has allowed Le Monde Menswear to update products, categories and shipping methods as required, whilst also tracking orders in a secure and efficient way. Their current EPOS system in their shops were also required to be linked to the website to track orders and stock levels.

The website will be live on the Internet at the end of Novemeber