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General (10)

Welcome to our blog section.

We will use this section of the site to keep you updated with information on web design and web development, including useful tips and links to help you along in your web journey.

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 13:25

The proof is in the... Conversion Rate

Written by Sophie
How many people visit your website without even making a purchase or contacting you?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 15:15

Traditional Website Vs CMS Website

Written by L. Streete
The differences are almost unnoticeable when looking at a traditional website and a CMS (Content Management System) website side by side, except that the CMS website will have fresher and more up to date content. The real differences lie under the bonnet, in how the sites are updated and accessed by you.

Tuesday, 06 April 2010 09:53

DIY SEO and Online Marketing

Written by L. Streete
Over the past few months we've been fine tuning our Online Marketing services and really moving our clients websites further towards achieving great results online for increasing Traffic and Conversion rate. This involves a number of activities both with their Websites, Search engines, Social Media and more.
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 12:03

Christmas Updates from me and the team.

Written by L. Streete
We've had a busy past few months working on growing and driving the business forward towards our vision.

Since the beginning of December we've had our new team member Eishpal Mattu join us as a new web developer so that we can increase our resources her to server our clients even better. Eishpal is already well into a number of projects using Magento and Joomla. If you want to find out more call now on 0845 2609779 or email Eishpal now on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sunday, 22 March 2009 08:48

Microsoft Release Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Written by L. Streete
Microsoft has released its latest web browser in the shape of Internet Explorer 8. The company's last launch was back in 2006 when IE7 was made available.
The new browser comes equipped with many new features and more importantly for you website owners and developers it provides facilities that allow your cascading style sheets to actually display your web pages in a more truer visual appearance where as in the past IE5, IE6 and IE7, there were many problems which resulted in the common, "IE Hacks", to make web pages work better for your users.
Thursday, 02 April 2009 14:44

Joomla Security Release 1.5.10

Written by L. Streete
Is your Joomla CMS website running the latest version? If you haven't upgraded to the latest 1.5.x series make sure you get a fresh copy or upgrade patch for your site now. If you need assistance with an upgrade or fresh install call LAS Design now.
Thursday, 09 April 2009 09:10

Follow us on Twitter

Written by L. Streete
You can now follow us on Twitter and find out what we're up to on a regular basis.

Twitter is the current big thing on the internet and offers users the ability to leave micro blogs called "tweets". Tweets are a text post of up to 140 characters and offers great opportunity for enhancing your online marketing actvity and search engine results due to the high traffic volumes this website currently recieves. 55 Million visitors a month!

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 01:00

Is your website ready for IE7?

Written by L. Streete

Is your website ready for the soon to be released Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7)?

This will be the big question for alot of websites over the coming months...

With the iminent release of IE7 alot of websites will experience problems in how they are displayed. The Cascading style sheets (CSS) used and hacked in websites to achieve good layouts in IE6 and below, will no longer work for IE7.

Tuesday, 08 January 2008 10:13

Blog commenting

Written by L. Streete

We have now added a commenting component to our blog, so you can now leave comments and thoughts on the topics we post in this section.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and interact with us.

Again ecommerce bucks the trend of doom and gloom of the resession. If theres one thing we always advise clients at LAS Design is that if you have a company that you can either sell your products online or increase enquiries or leads through having a professional website, then really you shoud have been online yesterday or updated your website with all the features you will need to get the most out of your website online! Yesterday the BBC released another article confirming what we already see with our clients who trade online. The figures are still good and are on the up at Christmas 2008.

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